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"Choosing the right career is one of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime" – Jody Michael

Stability Executive Coaching


Our executive coaching is aimed at improving the performance of high-powered executives within an organization and is similar to sports coaching for high-performance athletes. The role of the coach is to expose blind spots and challenge the executive to achieve greater levels of success.

Everyday, hundreds of executives seek the support and council of independent third-party executive or leadership coaches - often referred to as thinking partners. Unlike middle managers or front-line staff, executives are in a unique position at the top of their organization.

With today’s businesses moving at a faster pace than ever before — often with fewer resources — disruptions, distractions and exhaustion are the norm.

Our executive coaching focuses on what systemically drives performance, on helping you achieve measurable results and sustainable change — not only for yourself, but also for your team and entire organization.

Drawing on the extensive experience and deep knowledge of our credentialed coaching team, we coach and assist executive clients on a variety of executive leadership issues, from addressing 360-degree feedback and understanding the dynamics of managing through growth or contraction, to preparing for board membership.

Our Executive coaching services include:

» Learning how to be more effective
» Building your influence
» Developing internal and external leadership profiles
» Improving communication skills
» Setting crucial boundaries between where work begins and ends
» Creating ideal work and personal cultures

» Delegating to your team effectively
» Developing and nurturing a highly functioning executive team
» Setting a vision, mission and business plan for your department or company
» Addressing specific feedback or responding to specific issues
» Reviewing and providing feedback to your team
» Successfully dealing in real time with executive or management issues


Throughout the process, you will work one-on-one with a certified coach or participate in a workshop that covers a range of topics 


  • Our executive coaching will enhance your leadership capacity, facilitating a higher level of performance — for you, your team and your organization

  • Our targeted, holistic approach works. That’s what we heard — across the board — from satisfied executive coaching clients through a large-scale, third-party market research insight study



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